API Tokens

apidoc provides a complete REST API to all of the data - and everything you see in the user interface is displayed by interacting directly with the API. By default, all public information is available via the API:

      curl http://apidoc-api-elb-989008454.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com/organizations

          "guid": "b3c4d0d9-e05b-4c6b-ad61-b41beb9dd527",
          "organization": {
            "guid": "1677afdc-5490-4774-849a-3a2bd8b45a0c",
            "key": "bryzek"
          "name": "apidoc api",
          "key": "apidoc-api",
          "visibility": "public",
          "audit": {
            "created_at": "2015-03-14T23:13:02.876Z",
            "created_by": {
              "guid": "28e6f993-3311-4b47-adba-9fbe49fd95e8"
            "updated_at": "2015-06-06T21:18:57.842Z",
            "updated_by": {
              "guid": "28e6f993-3311-4b47-adba-9fbe49fd95e8"
          "description": "Host API documentation for applications providing REST APIs, facilitating the design of good resource first APIs."

Authentication is via API tokens and is needed if you have any data in apidoc that is not public.

Once you have your API token, verify that it is valid:

      curl -u API_TOKEN: http://apidoc-api-elb-989008454.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com/<your organization id>
You should now see your private applications in the response.

Full documentation of the apidoc api is available online at http://www.apidoc.me/bryzek/apidoc-api